Pantone C and U colors

Pantone coated and uncoated

The packaging of a product has several roles to play, one is a functional role to protect the content and of course to catch the eye of the consumer. We’ve listed 4 ways to use packaging as a marketing tool.

single use plastic

Single use plastic cups & EU DIRECTIVE Starting from July

Beginning of the year is the perfect moment to count your package stock. This gives a good overview which packages are in demand and makes ordering for this year smarter.

Tapes with print

Choosing the right tape for your needs is an important factor to keep your packages safely sealed. Three most popular tapes for packaging are hot melt, acrylic and solvent tapes. What are the differences and how to pick the right tape for you?

Cooton and non-woven bags

You’ve been thinking about ordering reusable bags with customised print, but are not sure which material to pick? We have made a short summary of different materials, their advantages and production methods. Two main materials used are cotton and non-woven, but both of these have several variations.

We will answer questions such as what is the difference and how to distinguish a raster and vector file. Also we will cover why is vector file so important for print packages.

Used plastic

New life to used plastic For a while new we

packaging costs

3 WAYS TO CUT PACKAGING COSTS Ordering packages is one

CMYK print

CMYK – what is it and how does it work?