Reuse paper bags

Have a number of take away bags from grocery stores and restaurants accumulated at home? We have written down some ways to reuse paper bags.

Paperbags with twisted handles

Paper bags with handles – what to grab? Before ordering

Beginning of the year is the perfect moment to count your package stock. This gives a good overview which packages are in demand and makes ordering for this year smarter.

Tapes with print

Choosing the right tape for your needs is an important factor to keep your packages safely sealed. Three most popular tapes for packaging are hot melt, acrylic and solvent tapes. What are the differences and how to pick the right tape for you?

We will answer questions such as what is the difference and how to distinguish a raster and vector file. Also we will cover why is vector file so important for print packages.

Ordering packages

Ordering packages – how to plan your next order? In

packaging costs

3 WAYS TO CUT PACKAGING COSTS Ordering packages is one

In this post our packaging wizards answer some of the

Paper bag with print

How to choose the right paper bag? A bag with